Technical training, training of service personnel

Has my team adequate knowledges regarding technical requirements of BMW vehicles? Can work with diagnostic tools, find fault in the shortest possible time and update software in the vehicle?

  • We will analyze knowledges of your service personnel, prepare and carry out relevant technical trainings, provide training "on the job". We will regularly update knowledges of your service team by training them in term of the latest technological innovations, new models, engines and electronic systems of BMW and MINI.

Software equipment, installation and maintenance of the service testers, ISIS / ISPS server and workshop network

Are your employees familiar with all the existing BMW software? Do they have access to all necessary technical informations? Can quickly and efficiently specify the spare part number or flat rate unit? Do they know all features of DMS Incadea or Auto+? Are there latest BMW software updates on your service testers?

  • We will explain them all the features of the BMW programs, will show tips and tricks that help in the specification of FRU times, spare parts, retrofitting kits and repair instructions.
  • We will teach them where and how to find the necessary technical informations.
  • We will professionally install or update your service testers and programming stations and provide remote monitoring and management over them.

Workshop equipment, special tools

Does your service have a corresponding workshop equipment? Plan to buy new one? Are you provided with all the necessary special tools?

  • We will carry out checks to propose alternatives for supplement of the necessary missing equipment approved by BMW and will recommend and prepare order of missing special tools.

Nothing is impossible

You have done everything to solve the problem? Can not find a solution? You can not satisfy the requirements of the customer? Contact us! Our team will find a way where the ordinary solution can not be found.

  • We can reanimate control unit that failed during programming
  • We can help to individually encode the vehicle according to customer needs
  • We can retrofit your car by original BMW equipment, although it is not available in the parts catalogue
  • We can perfectly secure your vehicle against theft
  • We can develop special hardware and software for your BMW to match your requirements

Our team of highly qualified BMW specialists is always here at your disposal