Services in term of organisation, controlling and process optimization.

„There will be always green light with us...”

Business management, Controlling and personal coaching

How well is my dealership? Working effectively? What are my plans and how I was successful in achieving them? Where are the hidden reserves of the company and my colleagues?

  • Based on your documents we will carry out analysis of your business. We will show you all the reserves of your company. We will prepare plans and budgets for the next financial year and prepare a plan of actions to achieve your goals.
  • We offer also controlling activities, allowing you to follow each month the development of your company. We will propose actions to reduce deviations from your plans.
  • According your requirements we will carry out physical stock inventory and suggest ways to improve the material management.

Optimization in sales and marketing

Vehicle sales is up to 80% of total dealership turnover. What I have to do if my sales are stagnating or declining? Is your gross profit small? Are your sales staff demotivated and not performing well? What I have to do?

  • We offer concepts to improve the performance of your sales team. We will carry out analysis of each person in the sales. Based on the analysis, we will find weak points in the method of his work. Why he is losing the time and how many customers unknowingly loses? We will develop targets for each of your sales person and ensure that he would identify with its role and achieve its objectives.

Optimization in aftersales service

Is every customer satisfied with your service? Do you adhere agreed date, price and quality? How many of your customers visit your service? How often do you contact them?

  • Guided through an analysis of your service, we will find your reserves and actively assist in the implementation of all improvements in practice. We will prepare activities for regular contact with your customers to keep them in the long term. Your costs will be reduced, your profits will increase.

Proper warehouse management

Got a problem with space in the store? Do you have high inventory levels? Do you have a low turnaround and low profitability?

  • Guided through the analysis of your warehouse, we will examine working techniques and will help you to determine what parts should be available in the stock. We will prepare actions for disposing the slow-moving parts. We will help you to streamline the work of your spare parts department and increase your profitability.

Training and coaching for the dealer

How to train a new cadre? Where to get the right person? How to choose him? Who can help me?

  • Through the coaching, we will teach your employees everything they have to know to carry out their duties.
  • We will help you to select the right candidates